agilean Coach – the facilitator for agile organizational development

“You can take on the roles of agilean master as well as product owner and want to develop your skills. You will experience coaching as a modern development and leadership tool that helps you support self-organized teams in their further development in a human-centered way. The agilean coach acts across projects and is the facilitator for agile organizational development.”

Who should take this course?

People who care about project success and who know that projects are made by people for people. agilean masters and product owners, coaches, project managers, team leaders, executives, organizational and personnel developers, change managers, managing directors.


  • You have internalized the origins and values of agilean in projects
  • You accompany product owner teams and support cross-functional project teams
  • You ensure that continuous improvement (CIP) remains in flow
  • You support the elimination of disruptions and obstacles
  • You learn how to identify and resolve conflicts in teams at an early stage
  • You learn about leadership in the context of agilean coaching
  • You will develop approaches for agile organizational development and support their implementation

Contents (excerpt)

  • Sharpening the understanding of roles: duality in agilean coaching.
  • Fields of action: Roles and tasks of an agilean coach
  • Attitude of the agilean coach: You go first!
  • Coaching through environment design and interaction of involved individuals
  • Change of perspective and pattern breakers: beneficial interventions
  • Recognizing conflicts at an early stage and resolving them with appropriate intervention
  • Facilitation, tools and methods for agilean ceremonies
  • Peer coaching: method for developing personal coaching competencies
  • Networked working with international and distributed teams
  • Approaches for agile organizational development and implementation possibilities


The training objective of the agilean coach is to acquire basic competencies to be able to accompany the agile transformation of his company as a facilitator. In addition to shaping the environment with the agilean approach in projects, he has acquired basic competencies to accompany the individual change process of individual actors. In an open exchange with other participants and our trainers, you will develop in detail individual questions from your agilean practice. The agilean coach training is the basis for the agilean trainer education.

Course lessons

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