agilean Basics – Getting Projects Done (engl. version)

agilean Basics

“agilean Basics – an online training in agilean for all those who are interested in agile product development and want to ensure that their projects arrive safely at their destination in a complex environment. Basis for further agilean competence building.”

Who should take this course?

People who care about project success and who know that projects are made by people for people. Project members, project managers, team leaders, managers, organizational and human resource developers, change managers.


  • You know the unique hybrid management approach that gets projects back on track. Getting Projects Done!
  • You understand the origins and values of agilean
  • You learn how to manage complex projects in a lean and agile way
  • You will learn about leadership within the agilean approach

Content (excerpt)

  • Derivation of agilean: The concepts behind the agilean practice.
  • People picture agilean: Meaning and identity enable people, teams and entire organizations to achieve high performance
  • Overall picture of agilean: classification and overview
  • Dealing with complexity: empirical management in agilean
  • agilean leadership approach: the question of the common “why?”
  • Protective- and guardrails: how to master complexity and uncertainty


The goal of agilean Basics is for you to not only understand the uniqueness of the approach, but also to experience it. You will learn how to manage complex projects in a lean way while working in an agile way. After the training, you will be able to successfully integrate elements of this approach into your daily work. The agilean Basics training is the foundation for the agilean Master, the agilean Product Owner and agilean Coach levels that build on it.

Course lessons



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Kurs Includes

  • 9 Lektionen
  • 26 Themen
  • 1 Quiz