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agilean Basics – Getting Projects Done (engl. version)

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agilean Basics Training!


What is the purpose of this course?

This e-learning course serves as accompanying learning material for the agilean Basics Training. It helps you to access the content yourself at your individual pace and at your best time, best place. Before the application it is about understanding: The new learning is called understanding!  (cf. H. Beck)

Developing action competence means understanding and being able to apply. – Understanding as an individual is good. To support each other in understanding in community is better (cf. G. Hüther). In this respect, this is an accompanying offer for the introduction, for preparation, for follow-up and for reference, as well as for remembering.

Invitation to get to know the agilean basics

Classic project standards are thought from the process. People have to fit into the process like cogs. In contrast, agilean is a holistic approach that puts people at the center through project development with heart, brain and hand. People determine the process, not the other way around. Based on agilean values, as well as a positive view of people, it offers a natural and brain-based way of working to all participants. In it, the employees and the teams are not forced on rails, but can reach their goal in a self-organized way in the creative space between guard rails.

In the Basics Training we invite you to get to know the agilean philosophy and to actively participate as a team member.

Good luck, inspiring insights and
enjoy the course!

Volkmar Langer

Volkmar Langer



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